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Being in the middle of love is like being in the middle of a war zone. How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo
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There are things we never tell anyone. We want to but we can’t. So we write them down. Or we paint them. Or we sing about them. Maybe we carve them into stone. Because that’s what art is. It’s our only option. To remember. To attempt to discover the truth. Sometimes we do it to stay alive. These things, they live inside of us. They are the secrets we stash in our pockets and the weapons we carry like guns across our backs. And in the end we have to decide for ourselves when these things are worth fighting for, and when it’s time to throw in the towel.
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It’s a fool who thinks love will set him free. Love equals a morbid and relentless fear of losing the other person…. To love is brave and Will was the bravest person I knew. Layover Rules by Renee Carlino
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The worst part about giving people space is that normally when you know you need to give it, it just so happens to be the time you selfishly don’t want to give it. Thou Shall Not by J. J. Rossum
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My soul is knit to yours. My life is hinged to yours. I move, I breathe, but I don’t really live without you. All that keeps my heart beating is the hope that it will someday beat next to yours again.

Ian Sterling to Sparrow Fisher

True Love Story by Willow Aster

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True Love Story: My number is the same...
  • Ian: Well, my number is the same. I will never change it. You know, hoping one day you'll call and say you're taking me back
  • Sparrow: You're impossible.
  • Ian: You're delectable.
  • Sparrow: You're incorrigible.
  • Ian: You're edible.
  • Sparrow: (sigh)
  • Ian: You know it's true.
  • Sparrow: No, I can't really say that I do.
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